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Frequent travelers and Business Executives are often overwhelmed by tedious amounts paperwork. After a while, the receipts and expense reports start to pile up. Wouldn't it be easier to just add it to the tab?

To make life easier, we offer an all-inclusive Corporate Account tailored to your individual needs. We'll take care of the paperwork and conveniently provide you with an itemized bill at a predefined interval (twice or once a month).

Corporate accounts streamline the billing process and take the hassle out of paying for each and every ride. And because it makes life easier for us, too, you'll get a discount!

Set Up Your Corporate Account today, Setting up a corporate account is easy. Call us at 206 330 5067 or just fill out our online form and request your corporate account today.

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Corporate client privilege

How To Lock-In Your Ride Price For An Entire Two Years!!! Sometimes we get so used to something, we take for granted it’ll always be that way. Like roller coaster fuel prices: “Always erratic, uncontrollable, and very temperamental”—triggered by the least little thing, or nothing at all.

We’d like to introduce you to the “New Normal” when it comes to "Riding Giftii's Airport Transfer Cars " A consistently stable, per trip price—guaranteed in writing for a time period of your choice, anywhere from a year up to a whole two years.

A fixed-forward contract means you “lock-in” a set price per trip that is guaranteed throughout the contract period, regardless of how crazy the market behaves.

That same edge benefits our fixed-forward contract customers who enjoy fixed costs without the burden and daily aggravation of hunting for what may or may not be the “best” price around our beloved city. You, too, can lose the stress that wastes your valuable time and health, both of which carry their own price tag, and are extremely hard to recover, if at all.

Just go to and select the "CONTACT US" link fill out your request.We will do the rest.

Our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee: We know that our business is driving your business. If you do not find our chauffeurs to be prompt, pleasant, and professional, our vehicles clean and comfortable, or if we do not live up to your expectations in every way, your charge will be refunded up to 100%!